Confessions of a Raspberry Pi nube!!.
I bought a Raspberry Pi on Nov 2012. From then on I am learning new things day by day.
I use my Pi as a personal webserver(yes this web site is hosted on the Pi), NAS, a download hub and so much more.
Intention of this web site is to explain my various works done using Raspberry Pi and improve my web devolpement skills.
Many thanks to my pals @ Raspberry Pi forum who answered my never ending questions, for CSS3 menu bar in my website and lastly to Google Google for providing unlimited access to resources.
If you need the source code of my website, please feel free to contact me through email.

This website is hosted on my Raspberry Pi @ home running 24/7 using home power + home UPS for backup. My ISP bandwidth is 4Mbps download + 512Kbps Upload. So 512Kbps is the maximum speed you get on this website irrespective of your speed.

Here is my server picture,

commissioned the website

10000+ unique visits! 28000+ total visits! Thanks to all visitors.

Chanaged the code slighly to use a reusable menu. Now adding/deleting an item from menu has to be done only one one place. Thx to scottpool2003

100 days uptime!!

We are blessed with a baby girl at 6:17 am IST today weighing 3.4 kg.
She is named 'Sia' which means 'One Who Brings Joy'.

20000+ unique visits! 48000+ total visits! Thanks to all visitors.

I have become 32 today!

40000+ unique visits! 84000+ total visits! 100% traffic increased just in 2 months. On an average I get 500 unique hits and 800 total hits per day. Thanks to all visitors.
207 days uptime!! and counting.

50000+ unique visits! 100000+ total visits!

Server got rebooted today due to power loss.

100000+ unique hits. Thanks to all vistors.

My daughter Sia pulled the plug and server got rebooted. :-(

My daughter Sia turned 1 today.

Crossed 200000 Unique hits and 450000 total hits in 2 years.View Here

Server got rebooted due to power outage.

Brought server down to install an online UPS exclusively for the pi. Hoping no more outages.

My daughter Sia turned 2 today.

Merry X'mas to all
Merry X'mas to all

I bought Xbox one :-) My gamer tag is 'NoisyTest'.Review Here. My Xbox One Games.

300000 unique hits and 700000 total hits in 3 years. View Here

Implemented splunk forwarder on the Raspberry Pi which will send the logs to splunk server running on Amazon EC2. This is mainly for reporting purpose.

Server got powered off. When inspected the power code had came out. I am suspecting my daughter pulled the power code.

I recieved my first payment from Google adsense for $102.36 . It took alomost 2 years to reach there.

1000000 total hits in 3 year 8 months.

Detailed Statistics Server Uptime: 69 days, 0 hours, 16 minutes, some_text