Installing and Setting up Kodi XBMC with PVR IPTV Simple Client add-on for live streaming m3u8 cable TV streams.

This tutorial explains how to watch cable tv channles using internet and raspberry pi.
I was having lot of trouble with local cable tv provider.
I have a high speed (75 Mbps) Intenet connection at home. That was reason for my thought, can I use my internet to watch cable tv channels through internet?
Initially I was using some websites on my windows computer to watch the TV channles. The biggest issue was those websites were full of advertisements and malware. Your computer could easily get infected.
Then I found out (using chrome devoloper tools (F12 key) ) that those channels are streaming the *.m3u8 links on their embedded player.
So I started collecting the *.m3u8 links of the channles I was intersted and put them in vlc and started using VLC to watch those channles.
However the computer has to be on whenever you have to watch tv also switching channels was not easu.
So finally I ended up Kodi XBMC with PVR IPTV Simple Client on Raspberry Pi.

update raspbian

Install Kodi

Create a text file with name.strm in below format

Create the Kodi startup script

provide execute permission to the startup script

Create a desktop icon for Kodi by creating /home/pi/Desktop/kodi.desktop file with below content

launch Kodi and enable/configure TV and PVR IPTV Simple Client as in below video.