No-Ip Agnet Install and Configuration

No-Ip is a dynamic dns service provider. In plain words, with a No-Ip account and No-Ip agne running you can run a personal webserver at home without having a static ip.
How does it work?
We will have a registered hostname (domain name) from No-ip. No-Ip agnet would be running on our webserver. Every defined interval No-Ip agent check our dynamic WAN ip and update the DNS record if required.
By this way, everytime we access our No-Ip hostname (domain name), its redirected to our webserver.
At the time of this article is written, No-Ip offeres a free account with them.

First register an account on

Login to with your registered account.

Click on Hosts/Redirects at the top of the page.

Click on Add a Host.

Create a host name based on your type of account with No-Ip (If its a free account, you can create only a subdomain host). Use all values as default. Ip address and Assign to group can be left blank.

Next, we need to install and configure the No-Ip agent on our Raspbian Linux webserver. Perform below steps,

During the install it will be prompted to proide No-Ip login, password and a refresh interval (interval is in minutes).

To start No-ip agent run below,

Now if you login to and click Hosts/Redirects, we can see that domain name registered is mapped with our WAN ip.

Few helpful commands,

To show noip configuration

To change update interval

To Display Help

To start noip on boot, we need to setup a rc script. please follow below.
Create a file called 'noip' in /etc/init.d and put below contents in it,

Reboot the system and test.