Remove the grapes from stem and clean nicely. I have usd here 2Kg Grapes

One handfull of raw wheat

For 2Kg grapes we need 2 Kg sugar initially

1 table spoon active dry east.

1 big jar that can consume atleast 10 liter water.

For 2Kg grapes we need 8 liter water. Boil the water and allow it to cool naturally.
Crush the grapes using a mixer and boil it in water (use the water kept aside earlier). Allow it to cool naturally.

Add the grapes to jar.

Add the boiled and cooled water to the jar.

Add the wheat to the jar

Add 1 table spoon dry east to the jar

Add 2kg of sugar to the jar

Mix the contents well using a wooden spoon or cleaned wooden stick

Close the jar tightly and keep in a dark place

Every day morning open the jar and stir the contents well using a wooden spoon. Repeat the procedure for 21 days.
You can see fermentation happening

After 21 days empty jar contents to big steel cotainer via a filter to capture the grape remainings and other fermentaion agents.
Wash the jar and put the emptied contents back to the jar. Add 2Kg of sugar again to the jar. Take 2 egg whites and whip it with 1 pinch of salt and add it to the jar.(egg white is added to fine the wine)
Mix the contents well using a wooden spoon and close the jar air tight and store in a dark place for another 21 days.
After 21 days wine can be transferred to bottles and use.

Here is wine after initial 21 days

After keeping the wine for another 21 days, i.e. 42 days total, wine is ready for use. Transfer the wine to coloured bottles and store in dark place.

Here is my final wine,